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Born in 1980, English artist Nicholas Denney no longer lives in the shadows, but he remembers them well and tries to extract things from them.






Since 2019 I have been experimenting with a Cartoon-like Surrealism, informed in part by spiritual and esoteric practice in combination with automatic drawing and doodling.


Concepts of ascension and extinction

play out in fantasy lands that nod to retro-video game imagery, reality simulation and psychedelic experience. I like a mixture of the sinister and silly.

Thematically, my work is broadly symbolic and ambiguous, which I feel provokes imagination and conversation. I am exploring ways of making paintings that are strikingly simple in design yet potentially laden with meaning.

I aim to make images that are subversive or initially surprising. I may take archetypal imagery out of context or genre, hybridise fragmented elements or simply remove any concept of background space.

A deep connection to nature has led me to become spiritually inquisitive. My aim is to create visually exciting and unique paintings that explore philosophical or spiritual concerns, leaving interpretation largely up to the viewer.

I love the idea of including a puzzling sense of mystery.




© 2020 Nicholas Denney. All rights reserved.

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