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Mixed Media Projects:


Collaborative Installation 1:

'The Considered Voyeur'


This was the first collaborative piece with friend, Music producer and artist Daniel Brown.

Dan and I have been talking for years about everything a bit outside the box, so we jumped at the opportunity to build an installation for an exhibition in Norwich Undercroft called 'Hidden'.


The show was organised by local dynamic artist and curator Sophia Shuvalova and Included both emerging and established local artists.


Our piece was a site specific mixed media piece. We erected a false 'hidden pillar in the space, which blended in amongst existing pillars.


The concept was multi-layered;  to challenge the amount that viewers choose to interact with art in general, we created a puzzle that was not apparent as such until further investigation.


Once a code was deciphered through a number of keys and components around the room, viewers were enticed into finding out more in order to 'be rewarded'.


If they succeded in unlocking a code word and speaking it to the invigilator, they would receive a playful envelope with a link to an email, which would provide a means to continue the discovery.


Our continuing idea is to use multimedia in exciting and interactive ways to bring art to a point that it begins to transcend itself and become potentially progressive and  holistic.


Watch this space!



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