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Still Life with Playdough and Gnomes

Oil on board 2018. £350 A playful and slightly sarcastic still life with lots of textures. I wanted to avoid the usual still life objects and have fun, while challenging myself.

Composition in four

Oil on board 2018. £250

Vase in a Museum

SOLD.Oil on board 2018

3 Middle Eastern Ceramics

Oil on board 2018. £200

Grapes and Shapes

SOLD. Oil on board 2017.

Small Study

SOLD. Oil on board 2017

Green Teapot

SOLD. Oil on board 2016.

Copper Vessel

SOLD.Oil on board. 2015

Turban Squash

Oil on board. 2014. Sold

Still Life and Meditation

SOLD.Oil on board. 2012

Yellow Vase

SOLD.Oil on board 2014

Still Life with Stars

Oil on board 2013. Sold

Halloween Party

Acrylic on canvas 2010. Sold

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